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   Chapter 3 Three-Sec Qi

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 6889

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The lobby on the first floor was empty. Lola Li took the elevator directly to the 28th floor where the president office was located. As soon as she got off the elevator, she heard Mike Qi informing the media, "I will soon be engaged to Miss Sara, daughter of the president of Fu Group. Thanks for your best wishes. Thank you!"

He will soon... be engaged to Miss Sara... daughter of the president of Fu Group! Sara? Her bestie over the past 11 years?

Another bomb was dropped on Lola Li. Zoe Lu, behind her, turned furious after hearing those words and intended to beat him.

Lola plucked hard at his hem of clothes and shook her head at him, as she wanted to learn what Mike Qi would continue to say.

"Mr. Qi, it is said that you are dating Carl Li's daughter, Lola. Now you are going to be engaged to Miss Sara. Can you explain that?"

Mike Qi, being the General Manager of Li Group at the young age of 24, was listed among the most desirable golden bachelors in the upper class. Not to mention, his gentle, learned and refined appearance made him more popular to girls. That was also the reason why Lola liked him in the first place, wasn't it?

"Yes, I was dating her. But it's been a long time since we broke up." Mike Qi answered the media, with a consistent gentle facial expression and a soft tone.

What he said, however, pierced Lola's heart like a sharp knife.

She suddenly recalled that she felt uncomfortable right after drinking the glass of red wine that Mike handed her, and it was Sara that walked her upstairs.

"Hahaha..." Sneer came from behind, which was so loud that everyone in the hall can hear it, when the reporters took close-ups of Mike Qi.

All of them looked back curiously and found that the woman who sneered loudly looked familiar.

"Lola Li! She is Lola Li! Carl Li's beloved daughter!" An experienced reporter recognized Lola Li. Just then, all reporters ran to her, and Lola was closely surrounded.

Mike's face didn't look very well when he saw Lola. Why was she here in the company? Where had she been after drinking the red wine? Mike didn't love her at all. What he desires was her body, and he was so close to get that last night. But he could not find her after greeting Carl Li, wasting such a good chance. Damn it!

"Miss Li, why do you laugh?"

"Miss Li, do you know anything about President Li?"

"Why did you break up with General Manager Qi?"

The reporters kept raising questions. Lola Li looked at nothing but Mike Qi's displeased face, staring at him as if he was her enemy.

He made no explanation. Could she draw a conclusion that Mike Qi and his father robbed her father's company, abandoned her who has nothing at all then, and was going to be betrothed to her best friend?

She could not blame on anyone else, because Zoe had warned her that Sara was not pure-minded and she ignored it.

"What do you guys want to know? I will tell you anything. Why did we break up? Well, do you know what I nicknamed Mike Qi? Three-Sec Qi! Yes, he lasts short in bed. An apple of Sodom. And Sara Fu, a home wrecker, had an affair with Three-Sec Qi when we were still together. Now they join hands to frame up my dad and occupy his company. I will be at daggers drawn with them from this moment on!"

Everyone kept silent within a few seconds after Lola finished talking. Mike Qi looked at her with a twisted face. One third of what she said was c

orrect. And how dared she call him Three-Sec Qi? They had been together for three years. He really should have screwed her to show her if he can only last for three seconds.

"Lola, I understand how you feel right now. Nevertheless, you are over the top by making things up like this. Conclusive evidence against Uncle Li has been provided. My father and I are very disappointed too. And Sara..." Mike adjusted his mood and resumed his gentle voice. But before he could finish it, Lola went into the president office directly with the help of Zoe, not giving him even a glance.

In such a case, the reporters had to focus on Mike Qi again.

In the president office.

Zoe Lu didn't go into the office together. Instead, he waited outside.

Lola gently pushed the door and walked into the room. Carl Li, sitting at the desk and resting his forehead in the right hand with eyes closed, was immersed in thought.


"Lola, here you come." Carl Li smiled, which brought tears to Lola's eyes, as his smile was so unnatural that it was uglier than crying.

"Dad, don't be sad. Grandma and I will stay with you, OK?" Lola tried to make her voice easy and relaxed, but she failed and sobbed when she saw some grey hairs on Carl's head.

All of a sudden, she realized how unfilial she was, as her dad had provided her such an extravagant life while she had never thought of repaying him or easing his burden.

"Lola, I will not be able to offer you whatever you want in the future..." Carl Li looked at the data on the computer, feeling as if a knife was cutting his heart.

"Dad, I don't want anything. I just hope that grandma, you and I can live together, safe and sound." Lola walked towards her dad, and gently hugged him who has been protecting her since she was born.

Looking at his sensible daughter, Carl Li felt much better, and patted the back of her hand. After standing up slowly from the chair, he packed up his belongings and left.

Carl and Lola walked out of the office together, while Mike had left. The reporters were still waiting for them. As soon as they saw Carl Li, they rushed at him.

"Mr. Li, is there anything you want to say about the accusations?"

"Mr. Li, Mr. Qi has expressed that he would not call you to account for your guilt after you resigned from the president post. What do you think?"

"President Li..."

Carl Li did not want to explain a word for those fabricated charges at all. Not wanting her dad to suffer more of this, Lola said, still with pride, "Why do you compel my dad to admit things that he has never done? He was framed by those despicable people. There will be evidence proving my father's innocence someday."

"Miss Li, is Jacob Qi the despicable people that you said?" A reporter was anxious to stir up trouble and immediately caught the main point.

"I think I have made myself clear. You will know the truth someday." Though knowing nothing about the business of the company, Lola was not timid and would not let others bully her dad wantonly. Jacob Qi, Mike Qi and Sara Fu, let's wait and see! Seeing the perseverance on her small face, the man sitting in front of the television lifted the edges of his sexy lips slightly.

"Boss, Li Group has been transferred. Shall we still acquire the group as planned?" The assistant Joey Yun checked the information that has just been collected. All things were alright, except the transfer.

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