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   Chapter 1 You Must Save Me

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 6799

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In the five-star Peninsula Hotel in D City.

Lola Li's 22nd birthday party had drawn to a close. Her cheeks looked redder as if she was heavily rouged. She began to stagger.

After the elevator arrived at the eighth floor, Sara Fu tightened her grip on Lola's hand and determined not to let Lola and Mike Qi sleep together.

Upon making this decision, she pulled Lola towards the room at the end of the corridor. A room service server had just provided room service and was about to leave.

"Hey, leave the door open please. My friend is in this room. I'm going to visit him." Without any suspicion, the room service server pushed the serving cart and left.

Sara Fu saw a tall man from behind wearing a bathrobe and thought that he had just taken a bath.

"A male is OK!" thought Sara. She pushed Lola Li roughly into the room without any hesitation, and rapidly snapped the door shut.

Sara Fu raised her head to look for the camera. Luckily, the room was located at a blind spot.

After smoothing her wavy long hair, she headed for another suite as if nothing had happened.

In the dim room, Lola Li, dazedly, saw a man turning around and looking sharply at her.

She shivered, thinking that how cold his eyes were.

She was uncomfortable and this made her stop thinking. She staggered to her feet and walked towards him. She needed something. But she had no idea what actually she needed.

"GET OUT!" shouted Harry Si. He saw her face clearly when they were less than three meters apart.

The professional designer had fashioned her long black hair into a gorgeous and elaborate braid, demonstrating her elegance and grace. The white full dress further highlighted her charming body shape and sexy butterfly-shaped collarbones.

The lower hem of the dress, decorated with small shining diamonds, was like an arc, thus showing her long white leg on the right.

The 3-inch spindly-heeled sandals with diamonds could demonstrate her pleasant, frank and sincere personality.

She unmannerly kicked off one of her limited-edition high heels. One meter away, he saw her face flushing in an unusual way.

"I'm not feeling well. Could you give me a cup of cold water?" Lola Li was trying to kick off the other high heel.

Finally, the shoe was thrown three meters away, after she put her right arm around the man's neck and lightly took off the sandal with left hand.

From the faint smell of her perfume, one could tell that it was a world-famous brand - Indulgence - made from middle note white water lily and lily of the valley fragrances.

From the top to the bottom, she spelled elegance and grace. A rich young lady entered a wrong room? Was that possible?

Harry Si pulled down her slender arm around his neck without hesitation, and walked towards the door.

Lola Li failed to support herself and knelt down on the white carpet, with one hand still held by him.

"What's going on here?" Harry Si became impatient, shook her hand off, and was going to call the front desk.

As soon as he picked up the phone, Lola Li stood up without his noticing it and wrapped her arm around his waist from behind.

"I'm not feeling well. Please save me." Her soft begging had special charm

in this dark night. "So who told you I would arrive at D City today, and who sent you..." Harry Si put down the phone and looked at her coldly and sharply.

Before he

finished the words, Lola Li pushed him hard to the sofa behind, and immediately pounced on him.

"Hey man. I... don't feel well now. I order... you to save me!"

Order him?

Harry Si tried to calm himself down, sneered, and gave her a good shove without any hesitation.

Well. He had to admit that this woman was very charming. But the one sending her here must have underestimated his self-control.

"One last time, GET OUT!"

Lola Li staggered back several steps before keeping her feet. She could barely hear what that man said. The only thing she knew was that she suffered more and more as his charming thin lips opened and shut.

She unfastened the invisible zip at the back, the dress falling onto the carpet without making a sound.

In front of her naked body, Harry Si was losing control. It seemed that he got a strong rival who had sent a very charming woman.

Though being not sober, Lola Li noticed that he was going to throw her out. She pounced on the man again.

The man couldn't control himself anymore.

"Ouch. Who the hell hurts me? Damn it!"

Harry Si was surprised by her normal reaction over the next few seconds. Then he slowed down and changed positions several times.

At last, he showed no mercy.

It was not until dawn that they fell into a deep sleep.

The sun shined brightly.

Lola Li woke up from the deep sleep, as the air conditioner was set at a very low temperature. She opened her eyes, meaning to pull the blanket back so she could go back to sleep.

She looked for the blanket and found that it was lying on the floor.

Wait! Something was wrong. Why did she ache all over? Why was she sleeping in the hotel?

She sat up suddenly and found no one else in this deluxe room, while noticing that on the floor were hers and someone else's clothes and a... bathrobe?

She looked at her body in shock. As an adult, she absolutely knew what happened to her.

But how did this come about?

Sara Fu handed her upstairs to take a rest last night. What happened then? Who was that man?

Damn it! She could not remember at all.

Sitting on the big bed in a daze, Lola Li almost cried.

She got off the bed, struggled to move to the window with weak legs, and parted the curtain.

The dazzling sunlight indicated that it was late. She guessed it was already afternoon.

Lola Li could not figure out why such a damn thing would have happened to her. What the heck was wrong?

Looking out of the window, she knew that she was still in the Peninsula Hotel. It was beautiful outside. The breeze blew and swayed the curtain, bringing in the fragrance of flowers. The pink curtain was flapping in the wind. It was really beautiful. But she was in no mood to appreciate the beautiful scenery.

She had no clue. She rubbed her sore eyebrows, sighing. Such being the case, all words would be useless.

On the bedside table were two exquisite packing boxes. She opened the boxes and saw a white chiffon dress.

Lola planned to take a bath and leave this place as soon as possible. She trudged to the bathroom and found some expensive men's toiletries. These must belong to that man, she guessed.

She shook her head, and turned on the tap of the bathtub. After the tub was full of water, she soaked in a warm bath.

"Who on earth is that man from last night?" She tried to recall the past wild night and muttered.

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