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   Chapter 2 A Series of Unfortunate (Drunken) Events

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"If I'm sincere today, what does it matter if I regret it tomorrow?"

~Jose Saramago


Something hard jabbed me in the side. I ignored it and nuzzled further into my pile of blankets, shielding my eyes to the sunlight that threatened to wake me. My eyelashes fluttered against my cheeks as I slowly nodded off again, when something furry landed on my ankle. Huffing, I flicked my toes and pulled my leg up closer to my body.

"Five more minutes, mom, " I mumbled incoherently, sighing deeply.

A pile of fur landed on my face.

"That's it!" I screamed, launching myself off the beanbag. Eyes snapping open, I expected to see Lina or Cora. "Stop touching me!"

A cat stared at me from a few feet away, gray tail standing at attention, fangs out.

It hissed.

My anger died and I yawned, ruffling my hair, which had knotted itself at the top of my head. "Sorry I yelled at you, Snubbs."

Mr. Snubbs hissed once more, his crooked whiskers bobbing as his sharp teeth slid out from behind his bared muzzle. As a cat, he'd seen better days. He was older than the moon, his fur matted in places, but Cora couldn't bare to part with her childhood friend.

I yawned again and kicked away the blankets that pooled at my feet. Glancing about the room that was now bathed in sunlight, I noticed the crumpled blankets and empty pillows on the bed that was supposed to house my two friends. I furrowed my brows, yawning again. Where are they?

The warm, morning air met my skin and I ran a hand through my curly hair, attempting to smooth it. My skin felt tight across my face and I frowned, beginning to notice the pulsing headache that tucked itself between my temples. It hammered in the middle, making my eyes feel as if they were about to come rolling down the front of my face.

I sighed, stumbling up to a standing position, and promised to never drink again—a promise I'd made, and broken, too many times to count on two hands.

"Good, you're up."

I looked towards the door. Cora stood there, blonde hair perfectly straightened, smiling. She wore a purple blouse with dark skinny jeans, dressed impeccably, per usual. Cora was gorgeous, the kind of pretty you couldn't ignore. When we'd met in middle school, she'd been all pomp and formal, the perfect daughter of a Senator. I'd hated her at the start, with her upturned nose and pouty mouth. In an unfortunate turn of events, I'd punched her in the nose for trying to steal my brand new jean jacket, and we'd been friends ever since. Cora dropped the stealing habit and I grew out of the jacket.

"We're all downstairs eating breakfast, " Cora announced, turning to head down the hall. "Hurry up, Sleepyhead, the pancakes are dwindling."

My stomach rumbled at the thought of pancakes. "Thanks, I'll be down in a sec." I was vaguely aware that it was a Monday, and school would be happening at some point today. I put a hand to my hammering skull and winced. "What time is it?" Not a single fiber of my being wanted to attend high school, which was hell on a regular day, even worse with a hangover.

Cora's smile bordered on evil. "Seven o'clock."

"Seven?!" I squealed, pushing past her into the hall. I shot towards the bathroom door at an unnatural speed. School started at 7:30. Cora and Lina had let me sleep in on purpose.

Damn them.

Cora laughed and I caught her gleaming eyes in the bathroom mirror. "Lina and I didn't want to wake your pretty face."

I glared, reaching for my toothbrush. "You're an ass." I heard Lina laughing from somewhere below us, deep within in the polished mansion.

Pulling the knobs on the sink until water rushed into the basin, I cupped my hands and rubbed the cold water into my skin, which looked worse for wear. The bags under my eyes sagged drearily and there was drool on my cheek. Gross. I dried my face quickly and rushed back into Cora's room.

"Sky, " Cora said, but I hardly glanced at her as I grabbed my pillow and bag and ruffled through my backpack. I shoved incomplete homework back in folders and hauled out an old sandwich. Murmuring an "ew, " I tossed it into the trash can next to the desk. The computer screen on the wooden surface blinked as an oddly familiar icon flitted in and out of focus. My eyebrows furrowed.

"Sky, " Cora repeated, pulling me away from the computer.

"What?" There seemed to be too many things to do and not enough hands to do them. I still had to get ready, eat breakfast, and haul all my bags out into the car — and who's car had we even driven here? I groaned at my brain and the cracks in Memory Lane.

Never going to drink again. Never going to drink again.

"You still got a little drool on your right cheek."

"Shut up, " I snapped, trying to find some ibuprofen. My brain was melting.

Cora laughed again before saying, "I'll pack your stuff together. You focus on grabbing some breakfast." I nodded and headed towards the door.

Lina, Cora, and I had been best friends since the sixth grade. We'd all been forced by our parents to join band and started on the first day of school, all playing percussion. Lina had showed up first, looking like a Goody-Two-Shoes in her white, floral skirt and socks with ruffles. Then it was me, who had been too nervous to sit by anyone but the teacher. And last was Cora, who had showed up ten minutes late, sunglasses on her face and talking into a cell phone.

By the end of the first week, Cora had reached for my jacket, I'd punched her in the face, Lina had cried about it, and we'd all become best friends. I'd found a new seat in between Lina and Cora, and a new, unbreakable friendship in each of them. Eventually, of course, we had all switched to an easy gym class instead of suffering through any more failed music lessons.

"You know, girls, if you'd stop having sleepovers on Sundays, you wouldn't be so groggy for school Monday morning."

Sandra, the Creevy's maid and stand in mother, piled pancakes onto my plate while scolding me and my friends. I grabbed the nearest fork and dug in, shoving syrup smothered pancakes into my mouth, one after the other. Lina and Cora watched me from opposite bar stools in awe.

"Staying up until four in the morning can't be good for you girls, " Sandra said, her lips frowning, framed by the wrinkles that came with old age.

We all glanced at each other. The sleepover wasn't the problem, it was the hangovers we were all experiencing, something Sandra wasn't oblivious to. She'd learned to turn a blind eye to us girls whenever we raided the Creevy liquor cabinet or set of the smoke alarm with whatever substances Lina came to the party with.

Sandra had been with the Creevy family ever since Cora's father hit it big in politics. Since eight years old, we'd grown up with the help of Sandra, being taught Calculus, and pushing through the tough challenges of the teenage years. She was like another mom to each of us, and was a huge impact in Cora's life, especially because her parents were seldom home.

"I know, Sandy, " Lina said, carrying her plate to the marble sink across from the counter. "But we started a tradition four years ago, and we just can't break it now."

"Yeah, " I agreed, mouth still full. "It would feel inhumane to stop the Sunday-Monday-Sleepover-Extravaganza's."

Cora choked on a glass of milk. "Why do we still call it that?"

I shrugged and downed two more pancakes. I barely tasted them and washed it all down with some milk. Sandra filled m

y glass from the sidelines, brows raised from behind her round glasses.

"You look as though you haven't eaten in weeks, " she commented, her dark hair framed with a halo of light that seeped in through the kitchen windows.

I smiled at her, a silent "thank you" for the pancakes. My phone buzzed, yet again, from where I'd placed it on the table. I knew most of them were from Josh, and I also knew I'd probably sent him a few incriminating texts the night before.


My mind wrapped around the name, almost not recognizing it. Why did his name spark a memory? Had I done something embarrassing last night? Had we gotten into a fight over something I drunkenly said. Worry clawed into my stomach along with my breakfast. I stopped eating my pancakes for a moment to dig through my hungover brain for an answer. Josh was my boyfriend—but why did his name seem out of place?

"Six minutes, Skylar, " Lina warned me, interrupting my thoughts. She stood from the counter. "I'll grab you an apple for lunch."

"And a granola bar, please, " I requested. I shoved the stool back from the table, the wooden legs emitting an ear-splitting shriek on the tiled floor. "I'm going to get dressed."

"I'll come with, " Cora said, and she bounded up the stairs after me. We passed through the foyer, with its high ceiling and sparkling chandelier, everything bathed in a white light, and crossed into Cora's bedroom.

After digging through my overnight bag and pulling out my clothes for the day, I changed in the bathroom.

"Love that top!" Cora exclaimed when I stepped out. Lina looked away from her spot at the computer to examine my clothing.

"Yeah, red is a good color on you, " she agreed. "Your lunch is in your backpack, by the way."

"Thanks, Leaner, " I said. After brushing on some blush and mascara, I stepped into a pair of booties. Half the outfit belonged to a very generous Cora, the stylish one of the group. With her father owning half the city, she had no shortage of money and spent a large chunk of it on clothes. As a birthday present, you could always expect a closet of new designer tops from her.

"Hey, Cora, " I started, ruffling through my backpack to check the attendance of my homework, "did you finish that History paper that's due tomorrow?" Perhaps along with her clothes, she'd let me borrow her homework for inspiration.

She pursed her lips in the mirror above her vanity, fluffing her hair and applying more lip gloss. "Bitch, please, " she answered. "I finished it weeks ago."

I laughed, shutting the zipper on my backpack and sliding it over my shoulders. "Maybe I'll come over later and you can help me brainstorm?" I grabbed my pillow and overnight bag and headed towards the bedroom door.

"Yeah, " Cora said, following. "Just come over after—"

"Oh my god!" Lina interrupted, rushing towards us. She grabbed me roughly by the arm, dragging me over to the computer. My head pounded lightly from the quickness of her movements.

"Whoa, Leaner, what's wrong?" I asked, putting a finger to my sore temples.

She stared at the computer screen, motioning for me to do the same. I did, glancing at the familiar cite that's on the monitor. Deja-vu invaded my brain, the same feeling I had gotten when I had stared at the computer earlier that morning.

"What the hell is" Cora asked. Lina and I locked eyes. "And why is Skylar signed up for it?"

She looked at me, looking very confused. If she was expecting an answer to that, I couldn't give one, for my confusion matched her own.

A memory nagged at my brain, but I couldn't quite remember where I'd seen the CuddleMe logo before. The familiar hugging bears stared at me from the screen, but I had no idea where I'd seen them before.

The idea wouldn't seem so bad if I had remembered it. The blank space in my head where memories should have been was making me nervous.

"Lina?" I managed to say. "What did we do last night?"

She said nothing, hands covering her mouth as she stared at the screen. Then she pointed. "What is that?"

I flinched as she stifled a laugh. "What?" I asked, leaning closer to the screen. "What are you looking at?"

We all crowded around the computer, heads knocking together, trying to decider the tiny icons on the website. Cora clicked on the "My Profile" button and the screen shifted. My name popped up, along with a list of questions and answers. They held several grammar mistakes and I cringed as Cora scrolls. My eyes took it all in and I winced.

Never drinking again.

"Your profile picture, " Lina gasped, a giggle escaping her lips.

"What? What? What?" I stammered, reaching past her to grab the mouse from Cora. I scrolled until the picture came into view, magnified and ghastly. There was a big, pink bear in the middle, my face pasted where the head was supposed to be.

I blinked. "This is--"

"This is the best thing I've ever seen in my life!" Cora screamed. Her boisterous laughter filled the room and Lina's joined it immediately after, an infectious disease rotting in my ears.

"No, no, no, " I whispered, eyes still on the computer. "This can't be happening."

My stomach dropped.

On the screen was the most horrific picture of myself that I had ever seen. My hair was splayed everywhere, simultaneously in a ponytail while also somehow being down. Eyeliner smeared my left cheek, matching the sparkly eyeshadow on my forehead. My smile sat lopsided above my crooked chin and my face was flushed with blushing drunkenness. You could see the back of my throat, I was smiling so hard, and drool coated one corner of my mouth.

"This can't be happening, " I repeated.

"Oh it's happening!" Cora exclaimed from where she'd fallen on the floor, rolling around and bumping my leg. "Oh my word, Lina, I didn't know it was Christmas!"

Lina laughed even harder. "Me neither, but Santa sent us the best gift ever."

I just stared at my hideous pixelated face.

"We must have been good girls this year, huh Sky?" Cora continued. My friends squealed with laughter.

"I have to delete it, " I said, completely ignoring them and scrambling for the mouse to try and find the settings page. My head still pulsed, making my hand twitch and slide in the opposite direction. I grumbled.

"No!" Lina exclaimed, grabbing my hand. "You can't delete this—this masterpiece!"

Cora joined in, objecting and grabbing for the mouse.

"This is too good to just delete, Sky, " she said. "I have to document this!"

"No, " Lina said, pushing us both to the side and taking sole ownership of the computer mouse. "That's not what I mean!" She pointed at the side of the screen, at the icon next to my face. There was a little red "1" next to it. "I mean, you can't delete it because you have a notification!"

Confusion mixed with my pounding headache like a corrupted cocktail I regreted drinking. Cora grabbed my shoulders and pushed me a few steps back from the computer so she could get a closer look.

"You're not deleting this magic, " she said defiantly, moving to the computer to click the notification. On the page flashed a picture of a boy—a brown haired and extremely attractive boy.

"Oh my god, " I muttered. Of all the people who had to see my profile—it just had to be this freaking Greek God. I looked away before I could even start to soak in his appearance.

Never drinking again.

Lina looked at me, eyes sparkling. "Skylar, you have a Cuddle Request."

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