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   Chapter 1470 End On A Bad Note

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Vernon was not stupid. He came to Charles to beg for Faye's freedom, but he didn't really expect it to work.

There was no denying that Faye had done something wrong. What she did was almost heinous, but it didn't matter to Vernon. Faye was still his daughter and Vernon loved her very much.

"Mr. Mu, I don't want to say anything more. You have a family too. You must understand my feelings. There is no good for anyone to be too heartless. What do you think?"

Vernon lowered his head and spoke softly. He did not act proud or overconfident. He knew that he only had a few aces up his sleeve but he was determined to use them all if it meant saving Faye. The Hong Clan was not as powerful as the Mu Clan, but it still would not be a good idea for Charles to break their partnership up over this matter.

Making thousands of enemies was not a good thing.

If Charles refused him, he would try his best to fight against the Mu Clan. This was not advisable, and he wanted to avoid this at all costs.

Vernon had known that Charles loved his wife, which was known to all. He also had gone to see Charles' father, James, in private.

Unfortunately for Vernon, James was even colder toward

be kidding me, ' Vernon thought.

Vernon looked down at Paul. In his eyes, Paul was just Charles' assistant.

Vernon did not even bother talking with Paul and left in a huff.

He would not speak with a lowly assistant. It would bring shame on him to talk to an assistant. This was beneath someone of his standing.

Vernon was wrong, of course.

Paul was more than just Charles' assistant, but Vernon did not know that.

Paul didn't mind being unfairly judged by Vernon. By now, he was used to people judging him unfairly. For Paul, it was just something that came with the job.

Charles hurriedly went to the underground garage. He picked up a Mercedes Benz and drove directly to the hospital. On the way, Bun had called Charles and said that she had sent Lady Linda to Anna's side.

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