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   Chapter 1468 Paid The Price For Their Crimes

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4096

Updated: 2020-03-11 10:12

Charles nodded in agreement.

Charles didn't want to get involved in this matter.

Ever since he had kids, Charles had been gentle and warm. He rarely hurt other people.

Their children meant the world to Charles and Linda. He was determined to protect his family at all costs.

Charles felt personally responsible for not being able to protect Linda, especially during these trying times.

Charles was determined to set things right. Whoever hurt Linda like that had to pay the price. Charles would make sure of it.

Faye was even lucky, considering that she was dealing with Charles now. If she were dealing with the old Charles, she might not live considering how she had hurt Linda.

He was reluctant to do cruel things.

He also didn't want to have blood on his hands.

Despite his new and softer side, Charles was still determined to make Faye pay for what she had done to Linda. She still had to answer for that.

Charles didn't bother to waste his time on talking about the silly things that had done by Iris.

The only reason he even showed up at the station and met Iris was to incriminate Faye. Charles knew that Iris could be the key to proving Faye's guilt.

"Honey, it's all my f

s and used his own influence to have Faye stay in prison for at least two years. He was not going to let the woman who hurt his beloved Linda get off so easily.

After a short time, Iris was sentenced for three years in prison for her role in Faye's plot. She only got three years because she was only an accomplice to the crime.

She needed to pay a penalty of 150, 000 dollars.

Iris cried as she heard the news. It was too horrible to bear.

Iris could not get any more money from Faye. And her brother had dropped out of the college of music.

Her brother was also now living alone outside. He had no contacts and no one to back him up. He was very vulnerable to any kind of retaliation from the Hong Clan.

Plus, she needed to pay 150, 000 dollars. Where was Iris going to get that kind of money?

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