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   Chapter 1465 There Is No Need To Meet Again

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3742

Updated: 2020-03-11 00:06

Iris did not relish the idea of begging Linda for help. She was sure that Linda would not be eager to help her.

After all, the matter of the fake photos was not a small issue. Linda's reputation had been tarnished by their appearance.

'Linda must hate me very much.

What should I do?' Iris thought. She wracked her brain for some kind of solution.

'We used to be in the same dormitory.

We were once pretty close. Perhaps Linda can find it in her heart to forgive me, even just for old times' sake.

I made a mistake and I've already paid the price.

But Walton shouldn't get dragged into my mess.

I'm quite willing to accept the consequences of my actions. But Walton is my family, and I will not allow him to get involved in all of this.

I have to ask Linda to get him back to school. I have to help Walton, '

Iris thought decisively. She hadn't been sentenced yet, so she was still in the detention house of the police station but not in the jail.

She still had some small measure of freedom here. Perhaps it would be enough for what Iris needed to do.

"Sir, can you help me send a messa

e hoped that the mere mention of Faye would get Linda to come running to the station.

Iris was banking on Linda's keen powers of observation. Linda was not dumb. Surely, she already had her suspicions that Iris was not working alone. Surely, she was already suspecting Faye.

Linda was at her garden tending to her plants and flowers when she got the message from the police station.

Iris was being detained at the police station and she wanted to see her. She looked at the police officer nonchalantly when he delivered the message to her.

Linda did not even care about Iris anymore. In her eyes, Iris was a stranger.

Perhaps Iris was even worse than a stranger now.

For Linda, it was pointless to meet with someone like that.

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