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   Chapter 1458 Feeling Happy

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3843

Updated: 2020-03-09 05:58

"We fight back with the same method?

I don't understand. How do we do something like that?" Linda asked.

"My Lady, it's quite simple. I think Young Master has made it very clear,"

Bun said as she winked at Linda.

'I got it. Bun's a smart girl, ' Linda thought, getting Bun's hint.

"Paul, I'll leave this to you. I want you to make this thing more exciting. The more real, the better," Charles said.

"Okay, Young Master!"

Paul nodded and then turned around, ready to leave.

Linda immediately stopped Paul.

"Charles, what did you mean by that?

Did you say that you want to make it real?

Honey, I'm not sure if this is a good idea," she said.

Charles stared at Linda with his sharp eyes and said, "Why not? Honey, I have told you many times that I will never let the people who hurt you go. You know that you mean the world to me. And we even have kids now. We have a family to think about. I don't want our kids to be involved in any of this, and I will also protect them with everything I have. Faye will answer for what she has done."

Linda didn't stop Charles.

Faye was a very devious and cunning woman. A w

job. She deserved some kind of reward.

Faye was not stupid, however. She knew that Charles would find out the truth eventually.

But she didn't care. Charles would surely suspect her involvement in all of this. It wouldn't matter. There was no solid evidence linking Faye to any of it.

Everyone knew that the Hong Clan was wealthy and powerful. It was not a good idea to mess with them, and Charles would surely be aware of this. He would have to think twice before messing with them.

Faye still remembered how she had been tricked by that assistant the last time. That left her in a bad mood for some time.

But Faye didn't think Charles had done anything to her.

She believed that the assistant was under Linda's employ and helped Linda frame her.

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