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   Chapter 1457 A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4420

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'Who could be behind all this?' Linda thought.

The thought that Iris was the person responsible for the scandal did not even cross Linda's mind.

Linda thought that Iris had no reason to. Because they didn't have any bad blood between them, and Linda didn't think that her refusal of Iris' gift would offend her that much.

Sure, she could have been slightly irked, but not to the point of fabricating a scandal that would defame Linda and damage her name.

"My Lady, it must be Faye!" Bun fumed.

Even Linda thought the same thing.

Who else could it be? Faye was the only one who had the resources and the time to do such a thing.

'Yes, it must be her. I can't think of anyone else, ' Linda thought.

Later that day, Charles came rushing back home.

"Honey!" he said as he caught his breath. His eyes were fixed on Linda as soon as he entered the room. The sight of his wife brooding over her laptop brought pain and anger to his chest. His heart broke as he took in her tense shoulders, betraying the distress that he knew she was trying to hide. All at once, he was filled with fury at whoever was behind this.

Glancing at Paul, he said, "Keep investigating." He was going to find the culprit and pay them back in full.

Paul nodded immediately at his order.

"Young Master, please don't worry.

t her sides as she inwardly boiled with anger.

There was simply no way she could let this slide. "Let's go and find her," she said, her voice thick with rage.

No matter Iris admitted it or not, she deserved a good beating from Bun.

But before they could take another step, Charles stopped her. "Honey, wait a second," he said.

She looked at him, silently asking him what the matter was. "It must have been Faye who incited Iris to do such a thing. If we go to confront Iris now, she would be sentenced to several years at most, but Faye would be able to walk away without answering to her actions. Are you sure you'd be satisfied with just that?" he explained.

"Then what do you suggest we do?"

Linda asked. Charles was right, but what should their next step be?

Something almost sinister glinted in Charles' eyes. "We will fight back with the same method."

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