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   Chapter 1456 The Mastermind

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Updated: 2020-03-09 00:16

"All right. You're obviously not in the best shape today, so take the day off. Go back home and have a good rest!" Faye said and smiled.

Iris thought for a moment that she was hearing things from fatigue. Did Faye just tell her to rest? 'What a surprise, ' she thought.

A vague remembrance crossed her mind. Once, she had to stay and work despite having a fever because Faye had directly given her orders to participate in a meeting.

She wasn't exactly the type of boss who would pay much mind about the well-being of her subordinates. She simply gave orders and expected them to be followed.

Iris shook her head to clear her mind. 'No, that isn't possible. I must have misheard, ' she thought. She then walked towards the office, steeling herself for another long day of work.

"What are you doing?" Faye asked suddenly when she saw Iris walking to the direction of the company. "I told you to go back and sleep now. You look like a zombie. You're a woman, you know? You should take good care of your face," she said.

Iris' eyes widened with the realization that she had not misheard the first time. It was like Faye's attitude had turned 180 degrees. Faye stood with her arms crossed in front of her, and Iris quickly shut her mouth upon noticing that she had been gaping. With a polite bow and a quiet thank you, she went back to the direction of her home.

Even in her exhaustion, she couldn't help but wonder why Faye was acting so differently from how she used to. Soon enough, a c

e always came out was because the public eagerly ate them up every time, not even bothering to question the truth of the claims. Gossip was gossip, and it filled the idle hours with entertainment. So, even if it had only been two days, the scandal was already public knowledge. It was even on the top hits of the search engines.

Linda felt the stirrings of a headache in her temples.

'Who did this?' she thought.

Thirty minutes later, they found out the answer.

"My Lady! The Mu Security Team had traced the photos. They came from a pornographic website, and the IP address is registered abroad. We can't control it. It would be difficult to track down the person behind this," Paul said.

"Okay, I see. Good work, Paul," Linda replied.

She thought things over, feeling that something was not quite right. Linda was certain that the mastermind was definitely not from overseas.

She knew no one abroad. The facts just didn't add up. There must be something else they were missing.

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