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   Chapter 1454 An Alliance

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Faye did not expect to hear what Iris had just said.

Iris didn't seem to like Linda.

Nor did Faye.

After all, Linda was the cause of all her sufferings. Faye had no reason to like Linda. On the contrary, she had anything for her but that.

"I know that you dislike Linda," Faye said. "Would you like me to take revenge for you?"

Iris paused thoughtfully as she chewed on her pizza.

"How?" she asked.

Faye smiled. "Linda is the Lady of the Mu Clan. Tell me, what do people of her stature and wealth value the most?" she asked.

Iris just shook her head.

"I don't know. I've never been rich, and I don't understand them. I have no idea what people like her care about when they already have so much," Iris muttered.

"Fair enough. Then, let me rephrase it. What do you think is the most important thing for a woman, especially one from a clan as prominent as hers?" Faye added.

Iris thought a little more and finally said, "Reputation?"

Faye's smile widened, as if in praise of a child who got an answer in class right. "Exactly. Reputation. So, if I were to get revenge on her, I need to know everything about her. Has she been with anyone in university? Were there any rumors about her? The nastier the better. She has a pretty face. I don't believe men left her alone,"

ied. Then she leaned closer to Iris and continued, "So we can twist things to make it more exciting." Her eyes glinted with malice as she spoke.

"What do you mean? I don't understand," Iris said.

"Your senior once liked Linda, right? We can just exaggerate things a little bit and start rumors that they were together. It wouldn't be too far from the truth, don't you think?" Faye said. "All we need are photos. You're good at Photoshop, right? If so..." Faye paused, letting Iris put the pieces together herself.

The other woman's eyes widened in understanding. "Oh! Do you mean...?"

Iris understood perfectly what it was that Faye wanted her to do. It would take a few clicks and a couple of photos mixed together. The Internet would be merciless once people saw it. All they needed was the right material, and other people's judgments would do the rest.

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