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   Chapter 1452 Eat Pizza Together

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3962

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It broke Vernon's heart to see his daughter suffering like this. Faye was the apple of his eye. For him, she was a treasure that he must protect.

After all, Faye was his only daughter.

Seeing her cry and suffer from such unfairness, it was no longer possible for him to let go of the issue. He vowed to give her daughter the justice that she deserved.

Faye looked at her father's determined eyes and nodded obediently. She trusted her father's words.

After Vernon had left the room, Faye tried hard to restrain her tears. Eventually, she calmed down.

It was not the right time to wallow in misery. Instead, she would think of the best way to exact revenge.

It was Linda who embarrassed Faye, so she must ensure that Linda would pay the price

Especially that man named Paul! He would definitely pay the price as well.

How dare he humiliate her like this? Didn't he know who she was?

After being left alone a few days, it was only now that Faye realized that Paul had deliberately put the ring inside her bag. The only logical explanation was that it was Paul who had done it.

Faye tried to recall every detail slowly, so as to not miss anything.

It suddenly

eplied humbly.

Iris did not try to argue nor defend herself.

Actually, she went out to buy pizza for Faye the moment she got the call. After that, she immediately took a cab and went straight to her house.

"All right!"

Faye waved her hand to dismiss her. She sat on a chair and began to eat pizza.

Iris silently stood aside while waiting for Faye's further instructions.

Suddenly, Iris' stomach growled loudly.

It occurred to Iris that she hadn't had dinner either.

"You haven't had dinner yet?"

Faye turned around and asked.

Iris thought that Faye was going to blame her again, instead, she was surprised by the words that came out of Faye's mouth. "If you haven't eaten anything, just eat with me. I can't finish this large pizza alone anyway," Faye said.

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