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   Chapter 1451 Vernon's Promise

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4158

Updated: 2020-03-08 08:06

Only the sound of objects breaking as it struck the floor could be heard in the room. Vernon knocked and pleaded but the door remained tightly closed.

The servant who was in charge of serving Faye paced anxiously. Finally, she paused to wipe her tears and said, "My Lord, please persuade Lady Faye to eat some food. She hasn't eaten anything for three days. I'm so worried about her." Troubled, Vernon dismissed the servant after reassuring her that he would talk to Faye.

"Dear, would you open the door first? Could you tell me what happened? If you do feel wronged, I will seek justice for you, okay?" Vernon said.

There was no answer. Regardless, he just waited patiently until Faye opened the door.

Vernon took a close look at his daughter. The first thing he noticed was her red and swollen eyes.

Seeing the familiar figure of her father, a sense of warmth spread through Faye's chest. She sniffed bitterly and extended her arms in an embrace.

Vernon immediately held her in his arms. His heart ached for her. 'What happened to my beloved daughter? Why did she cry like this?' he thought. It seemed to him that Faye had been crying non-stop. Her eyes were already swollen like walnuts.

"Father..." Faye said.

"My dear

lerate it for now. Don't worry! You don't have to care about Linda. She only married Charles because she was lucky. Otherwise, she would never be able to get any chance to be together with him," Vernon said to comfort Faye. Silently weeping, Faye tried to hide her discontent from her father but failed. "I will seek revenge for you!"

Vernon said after careful consideration.

"Anyway, I will make Linda pay the price of messing with me!" Faye announced.

Faye looked sullen, as if a fierce storm was about to come.

She remembered what she did not too long ago. She even asked Iris to send Linda a gift as an apology.

Thinking of this, Faye became angrier.

"Okay, I have to go out to deal with some business tonight. Don't cry anymore, okay? You should eat something now, my little baby!" Vernon comforted Faye.

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