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   Chapter 1445 Fever

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Updated: 2020-03-08 08:00

As soon as Anna saw Charles, she immediately walked over to him with a smile on her face.

"Young master," she greeted as she bowed.

Charles looked serious. He quickly glanced over at her and asked, "Have you checked on Little Tomato already?"

"Young master, Little Tomato was suffering from a fever due to the change of weather. It isn't that serious, but we'd still like to keep her here just for monitoring."

Linda was feeling incredibly worried. She held Little Tomato tightly in her arms, unwilling to let go of her lovable daughter.

Linda felt so powerless seeing her little daughter's solemn expression. The two of them had been here for quite a while already yet she hadn't found the appetite to eat. She was also feeling so restless.

"Young master, I don't mean to sound so casual, but I was hoping you could please convince Lady Linda to eat. She hasn't had lunch yet today since she was so busy taking care of Little Tomato. But she also has to understand that Little Tomato will need time to recover by herself. I hope I can ask you to do this for Little Tomato. Otherwise, Little Tomato will not be able to recover well, and Lady Linda might get sick herself. What shall we do then?"

Slowly, Charles nodded and said, "Okay. Get

't have an appetite. She had to eat to refuel her energy. Linda also didn't want to fight with her husband.

She tried her best to swallow as much food as possible even if it felt repulsive to her. When she couldn't eat anymore, she tried to get Charles to eat.

"Your turn, honey. You need to eat."

"Okay then."

The dextrose drip lasted for over two hours. After Charles finished his meal, he took Little Tomato back from Linda's hands.

As a loving father as he was, he held Little Tomato closely to his chest for those two hours and refused to let her go.

In the Mu's Group building, Faye frowned as she sat impatiently in the conference room.

Faye had wanted to sneak into Charles's office to see if he deliberately missed the meeting to avoid her.

She didn't even realize that he wasn't in the building anymore.

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