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   Chapter 1442 Want Too Much

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4284

Updated: 2020-03-08 07:57

Linda tried to keep her smile plastered on her face.

"What are you talking about? I know you deleted my account. But why should I hold a grudge against you for that?" Linda asked.

"Because of that very thing! Because I deleted you!" Iris said.

Bun clenched her fists beside her as she heard Iris' accusing words. Linda was always too kind. She would never hold a grudge like that.

Linda, however, kept quiet. She didn't have to defend herself. After all, Iris was the one who deleted her first. Linda wasn't in the wrong.

'Who the hell does Iris think she is? How can Linda feel okay about this?' Bun asked herself.

"You sure are a very interesting woman. If you deleted Lady Linda's WeChat account first, you were the one who tarnished your relationship. Now you're demanding Lady Linda to be accountable for something that wasn't her fault? Just who do you think you are? Why do you think of yourself so highly?" Bun asked in frustration.

Before Bun could say any more, Linda held a hand to stop her.

Iris had come over today to get something off her chest. Linda wanted to ensure that Iris would be able to say everything she could today. After all, they had been roommates before. She didn't want to have any misunderstandings between them.

Iris only sco

"I don't understand why you have to make things so difficult for me," she said.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you, but first of all, you can always leave that job if you hate it so much. If Faye is abusing you, what's stopping you from leaving her? Just get a new job. That's not my problem, but if you want, I can offer you a chance to take an interview for executive secretary," Linda said.

Iris was immediately silenced by the sudden offer.

"I can't promise you anything. Especially since I don't know about your work ethic and your abilities. I also don't manage these directly," Linda defended.

"My God. You're so condescending. You're the Lady of the Mu Clan and you can't even offer me a decent job in the Mu's Group?" Iris accused.

Iris frowned as she said this. It was then that she realized that Linda wasn't a true friend.

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