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   Chapter 1440 The Reunion Of The Old Friends

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3261

Updated: 2020-03-08 07:55

Tutors played an important role among most students. These students usually got their teachers' phone numbers whenever they needed help.

A lot of people had secretly kept their teachers' numbers in mind, but Iris wasn't able to memorize it fully.

This was how Iris came up with another way to record the teacher's phone number—through her blog.

Blogging used to be very popular before.

Almost everyone had a blog, and Iris was no exception to that.

As she thought of this, Iris quickly logged into her old blog. She hadn't accessed her account for several years. As far as she knew, most of her friends didn't use their blogs any longer. It was an unfortunate change of the times.

She logged into her account and quickly found her teacher's phone number.

As she called her old teacher, she had asked for Linda's phone number. It was fortunate that her teacher still had a copy of her number.

Iris was anxious with excitement. She couldn't wait to call Li

. Iris had come to send her a gift, but she wasn't home. Linda just wanted to make sure that Iris knew the address.

Linda figured that Iris was coming for that gift.

But since she called her in person, Linda might be more reluctant to refuse Iris this time around.

Within an hour later, Iris appeared at the gate of the Mu Clan's villa again.

This time the security guard didn't stop her. He was instructed by Linda that a friend of hers named Iris would be arriving soon.

The guard stood in cold sweat as he let Iris in. He remembered her name because he had stopped her at the gate once and even called the police to take her away.

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