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   Chapter 1437 Charles' Orders

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4400

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Iris was powerless in the face of Faye's temper. Left with no other choice, Iris went to the villa of the Mu Clan again.

It was already ten o'clock. Darkness was thick on upon the road and the gate of the villa had already been closed, looking even more forbidding in the silence.

Iris wiped her tears and forced a trembling hand to knock at the gate. She had to do it. Failure would cost her too much. Faye would never let this mistake go so easily.

A security guard opened the gate. He was different from the one she had spoken to earlier.

"Good evening. I'm here to see Linda," Iris said.

The guard's eyebrows scrunched at the sight of the unfamiliar woman. "Who are you? What business do you have with Lady Linda?" he asked.

What was a woman doing in front of the gate at this hour? Even with the dim lights, she seemed agitated, and the red welts on her face were unmistakable.

There was definitely something wrong.

"I'm her friend," Iris replied, repeating the answer she had given earlier that day. A sudden gust blew towards her and her small frame shivered from the cold.

The guard continued to eye her as she stood there and trembled like an autumn leaf.

"A friend of Lady Linda?" the security guard asked again. His voice was full of disbelief.

"Yes, I'm her friend. I came

alls of the Mu Clan's villa. With their status, a lot of people were after them, in one way or another.

No one would be getting with such unfounded claims.

By now, the security guard was on the alert. He found the woman in front of him highly suspicious, not to mention the unknown contents of the gift bag in her hand. It was tightly wrapped. The guard had not seen it before in the darkness, but his eyes found the object in the woman's hands as she argued. He kept his eyes on the gift bag. It could be something dangerous.

Discreetly, the security guard took his phone and alerted the police.

"There is nothing to prove! If you take me to Linda, you will know that I'm telling the truth," Iris pressed.

Once again, she was met with refusal. The Young Master was firm with his instructions, and his words were the only ones the security guards would follow.

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