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   Chapter 1435 Return The Gift

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3680

Updated: 2020-03-08 07:51

Linda took over the small note and saw Iris' name.

'What a small world, ' Linda thought.

"Did she leave her phone number to you?" Linda asked.

The security guard shook his head. "No, My Lady. She's your friend, don't you have her number?"

Linda indeed didn't have Iris' phone number. The phone she used at that time was already broken. Besides, when they were in university, everyone used WeChat.

So they basically communicated through WeChat as well.

A faint memory of adding Iris' account in her friend list before passed through Linda's mind.

And she rarely deleted the others' accounts.

With that in mind, Linda took her phone out and searched for Iris in WeChat.

When they were freshmen, they used to live in the same dormitory and had a good relationship. They even often had meals together. But later on, they didn't often contact each other.

"What can I do for you, Iris?" Linda said.

Unfortunately, after the message was sent, a red sign showed on the left.

Linda was amused by this situation.

Because this meant that Iris had deleted her from her contacts

to give it back to you," Paul said.

Faye was confused when she took the box.

She opened it and saw a bag from a luxurious brand.

The bag was the latest style for the current season, but it wasn't that beautiful.

'From the Mu Clan?' she thought.

It was then that she remembered that she had called Iris and told her to select a valuable gift for Linda to apologize to her last night.

'This is the gift chosen by Iris!' She figured it out.

Faye was furious to see that the gift was sent back. 'What the hell had Iris done?!' she thought. She had made it clear to Iris that she must hand it over to Linda in person.

But she left it with the security guard. Linda must have felt uncomfortable and sent it back.

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