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   Chapter 1433 A Visit To Linda

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4269

Updated: 2020-03-08 07:51

It wouldn't be too difficult for Iris to know about Linda's information. The most trivial of web searches about Linda online would have already revealed so much if only she had done it.

With so many sources around, even just the introduction about Linda would be more than enough.

No one would have missed such consequential facts: she was the eldest daughter of the Xia Clan who had been missing for many years, and was the granddaughter of Lord Nalan.

Why did she marry Charles?

Perhaps, the first conclusion one would arrive to was a marriage of convenience. After all, it was not uncommon for families from the ranks of the Mu Clan and the Xia Clan to solidify their relationships through matrimony.

However, Linda and Charles' story was no secret. Thousands of anecdotes, both fact and fiction, circulated all over the Internet.

All it would have taken was for Iris to lift her fingers for a quick search, and she wouldn't have misjudged Linda. Obviously, even accounting for all of Charles' wealth, she was a fitting match.

That morning, Iris was woken up by the insistent sound of her alarm. She got up immediately. She wouldn't dare neglect the order from Faye.

As she headed out, her mind was absorbed with the thought of what she would get for Lin

I will deliver your message to her when she arrives," the guard added.

Iris pressed forward and decided to try her luck. "How about this," she started. "You can just give me Lady Linda's phone number, and I will call her, okay?" she asked. She didn't have Linda's contact at all.

After changing her phone for a few times, Iris didn't bother to save her number.

The security guard furrowed his brows at her question. "Miss, I thought you had said that you were a friend of Lady Linda. How come you don't have her phone number?" he asked with a suspicious expression.

This situation was nothing new to him. He had lost count of how many times he had to deal with people who claimed that they were the friends of the master or the lady. After all, with such prominent names as theirs, it was bound for opportunists to bet on their chances.

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