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   Chapter 1431 Feeling Resentful

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3719

Updated: 2020-03-08 07:51

"Yes, I don't like you. You just didn't realize it until now," Linda replied.

The delicate and almost tearful look on Faye's face amused Linda.

It seemed like Faye really wanted to put on an act in front of Charles.

"You..." Faye muttered dejectedly.

Deep inside, Faye was furious. She didn't expect that Linda would be so rude to her in front of Charles.

But Linda didn't care. Linda was barely controlling herself from asking Bun to beat up Faye.

If Faye had spoken to Linda in a genuine manner and offered to be friends with her, Linda would surely not reject her.

But instead, Faye started this whole thing. She wanted to act like a gentle and polite woman in front of Charles but in reality, she was very rude and inconsiderate towards other people.

"What's wrong?"

Linda asked Faye in an unconcerned tone as she continued to examine the menu.

"Bun, how about we order twenty kebabs? If you like, we can order more." Linda suddenly turned her attention to Bun.

"My Lady, it's good that you can eat two kebabs, but you wanted to order twenty. Do you want Young Master and Paul t

e documents properly? No wonder she is now the Lady of the Mu Clan and you're nobody," Faye said.

Iris lowered her head and continued to pick up the documents from the ground. As she did so, her eyes were cast down and unreadable.

Faye continued, "Did you really live in the same dormitory with Linda?"

Iris nodded silently.

"Linda is so lucky. She has a different fate from you!" Faye added insultingly.

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left. Faye had already investigated Linda's background before.

She was the daughter of the Xia Clan.

When she was a child, she was just a girl who lived a poor life with her mother.

As soon as she married Charles, she became an esteemed member of the Mu Clan.

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