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   Chapter 1428 The Old Days

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4588

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Linda had already understood what Faye meant, so she didn't beat around the bush any longer.

She intended to talk to her straightforwardly.

"If you really wanted to eat out with us, you should have just said so. You knocked my food over. Don't worry, I get it. Let's go, then."

Watching his wife's tirade with a skeptical eyebrow, Charles called for a cleaner before grasping Linda's hand.

"Honey, why don't we just go home? I can cook you dinner," he proposed.

Charles could cut the tension in the air with a knife. Linda was obviously upset, especially since he knew how hard she had worked for this dinner.

Charles scowled at Faye dishearteningly. He wasn't having the best impression of her.

And here, Charles had thought that Faye came from a noble family.

At least a decent enough family who knew about manners.

It was unfortunate to know that Faye was no different from the average, common woman.

"I-I... Please, Mr. Mu. I didn't mean it. Please don't misunderstand me. Why would you think that I want to have dinner with you?"

Faye explained sincerely, but Linda was having none of it.

"Oh, honey, it doesn't matter. We can always enjoy our meals at home at any time of the day. But I think Miss Hong would like to have dinner with you today. I don't mind, really. But I'm sorry to say that I have to come with you, Miss Hong,"

that she still had a tiny crush on him. Quite nothing like the way she was in love with him before, but some of those emotions still lingered.

Charles might not have known or remembered this, but back in the day, Faye attended the same college that he did.

During that time, the Hong Clan was just a tiny film and television company that operated in their clan's shed. Although she liked Charles a lot, it was obvious that she wasn't good enough to be at his level. Because compared to theirs, the Mu's Group was the largest and most successful company in SH City.

However, as Faye would like to think, those moments were now in the past. Today's situation was drastically different from then. The Hong's Group had now become one of the leading enterprises in the film and television industry.

They had developed their technologies so well that they were able to set up 1, 325 cinemas around the world.

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