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   Chapter 1426 Faye Hong

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Charles' brows furrowed at Adrian's answer.

"Come on! You're the lead actor! You should be paying attention to your contract," he scolded him.

Adrian just laughed and sat down on the desk. "Oh, my God! You sound so old when you talk like that. That's what my manager is for, you know? All I have to do is smile at the director, obediently follow the script, and everyone is happy right?" he replied.

Adrian had always been like this—carefree, and not taking anything seriously, to the utter despair of his agent, who would have to clean up after him. However, he was popular and had a huge following, so he got away with things, even if he caused massive headaches to the staff.

"Hey, who are you going to act with this time?" Linda asked.

"Faye, the Lady of the Hong Clan. I heard that she is very beautiful and well-mannered. She is only 25 years old, but she already has a PhD from a university of England.

It's awesome!" he praised.

'A doctorate degree at 25?

That's pretty amazing.

Did she skip grades?' Linda found herself agreeing with Adrian.

As she wondered over the woman, the office door swung open o

one of the animosity she felt towards the other woman. With a smile, she said, "Oh, so you are the Lady of the Mu Clan. I've heard about you. From what I know, your name is Linda, right? Can I call you by your name?"

Linda returned her smile politely. "Hello, Miss Hong. I have brought food for my husband, so he might not be able to have dinner with you today. But you can ask Adrian to go with you."

Upon hearing Linda, Charles was evidently delighted. "Honey, you brought food for me?" he asked.

Linda nodded and smiled at him.

Charles looked at Linda with a fond expression, and his gaze warmed her heart. She made a mental note to thank Paul later on. He was indeed a reliable man. He promised not to tell Charles, and he had kept his word.

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