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   Chapter 1415 The USB Stick

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Updated: 2020-03-02 00:16

After Linda had her way by throwing Rosy to the ground, Linda left without another word. She drove back home to the Mu Clan's villa, where she found Paul waiting for her.

"My Lady. I've already done a thorough investigation on the documents you want. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything useful. I did, however, pull up a copy of the call logs. It didn't make any sense to me, but you might be able to find something,"

Paul reported before raising his hand. In the middle of his palm sat a small, metallic USB stick.

"Okay then. I'll have a look at them. Thank you," Linda replied.

Hearing this, Paul nodded and ushered her to the living room. He set up his laptop and attached the USB stick to the computer. A few moments later, Paul opened up the first recorded call log.

"Jessie! Something has happened!" Rosy's voice rang through the room as soon as they started playing the recorded call.

"What? What happened? You know what, don't tell me. Just meet me down at the old place," Jessie's voice responded.

The former's voice was a little raspy from nervousness. "O-Okay."

The first recorded call ended abruptly.

After Paul looked at Linda to ask for permission to continue, he played the next record.

"Jessie. I don't think it's appropriate to act like this," Rosy said.

"What's wrong with it? Don't tell me you're starting to show regre

athy?" Bun followed.

"No, there's no need. Why do you think she'd pretend to be pitiful?" Linda countered.

Before Linda could further elaborate, a servant knocked on the door. "My Lady, someone sent this package for you," she said, before handing it over to Linda.

Linda opened the package and found a USB stick inside it. "Who sent this?"

"I apologize, My Lady, I don't know. The express company sent it here," the servant replied.

Linda hummed in response and dismissed the servant before she turned to face her two companions.

Bun raised a skeptical eyebrow. "My Lady, we don't know where this USB disk might have come from. It might be dangerous. Please give it to me first!" she said.

Linda, however, disregarded her, and turned to Paul instead. "Please ask someone to check this. See if there's something dangerous in there."

Paul nodded and took the USB stick without further hesitation.

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