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   Chapter 1407 Anger

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Seeing Richard's infuriated face, Rosy swallowed heavily. She was in such a helpless situation. Not only was she too afraid to face her grandfather, but she also couldn't do anything to appease him because she had nothing to do with Mamie's disappearance anyway.

If she didn't take Mamie away, how on earth could she deliver her?

Linda had refused to interfere between the two prominent Nalan Clan members. Richard was here to investigate Mamie's disappearance, so it was only futile to repeat him.

Seeing that Linda was still very calm, Rosy suddenly came up with an idea.

'What if this was Linda's ploy all along? What if she kidnapped Mamie herself?

And now, she's trying to pin the blame on me.

What a clever, conniving bitch!

Grandfather wouldn't have returned if Linda hadn't planned this from the very beginning. This was all Linda's doing!

Grandfather had no other reason to come back! He told me himself that he just wanted to enjoy the rest of his life in retirement. He didn't want to involve himself with the family matters unless he was asked to do so.

How could he have even known that Mamie was missing if Linda hadn't told him?' Rosy wondered, piecing the memories together.

"Linda," Rosy called, and Linda glanced over at the young woman. "Are you trying to set me up?"

Rosy raised her voice a little higher.

Her eyes were glued to Linda's, filled with seething anger. She

ou mean? You won't even take a second to believe me! Are you really disowning me? You can't do this, grandfather! Why are you siding with Linda? It's unfair!" she argued as she tried to come closer to her grandfather. But Richard scoffed and turned around.

"Fool! Do you want me to tell you the horrible things you've done behind my back?" he challenged.

It was only then that Rosy realized that her grandfather knew. Since he did, Rosy was defenseless. She couldn't protect her reputation any longer. "Grandfather," she started with a sullen, rasping voice. "I know you don't believe me. It's okay. We're just wasting our time here. I'll find my way out. But please, I hope you reconsider. I had nothing to do with Mamie's disappearance. Investigate me all you want. Grandfather, I swear to you. You won't find anything!"

Rosy added, feeling her heart break into smaller and smaller pieces with each step she took further away from him.

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