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   Chapter 1406 Why Have You Become So Sinister

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4765

Updated: 2020-02-27 00:06

Rosy was still sitting upstairs when she heard the loud voice. It sent chills down her spine. How could she forget such a familiar voice?

Her grandfather had come back to see her.

'Didn't he leave already? Why did he come back?

Linda must have ratted me out!' Rosy thought worriedly.

Rosy's eyes were seething with venom. She glared coldly at the servants as she listened to the footsteps approaching. This made the servants feel nervous and frightened.

Despite this, Richard was an even more frightening person. No matter how scary she might be to the servants, Rosy was afraid of Richard. If she could avoid going downstairs, she would.

But it only took a few moments before Rosy was able to formulate the perfect excuse. Cautiously, she opened the door and headed to the stairs. She stopped on the first step.

"Grandfather... are you back? I hope you can wait. I just got out of the shower. I'll be dressed in a bit!"

Rosy called out.

Silence only followed after Rosy's words. Her grandfather must be furious.

It gave Rosy so much anxiety that she ran back to her room and dialed Jessie's number.

She didn't know what to do about her grandfather.

Rosy could handle Linda all by herself, but not Richard.

They were two drastically different people. Richard was terrifying. Nothing could escape her grandfather's scrutinizing eyes. Whenever he looked at her, she always felt so tiny and ins

s making her out as an evil woman?

"Grandfather, please, I beg you to believe me. I didn't take Mamie away. I have nothing to do with it! What good will it do me to take her away?"

Richard strode forward and glared down at Rosy.

It was seconds before another loud slap rang through the air.

Linda, who had been watching the entire time, stood still. She was so shocked to see Richard scolding Rosy that way. She had never seen Richard this upset. Even when Rosy had plotted to push him into the pond, he hadn't even blamed her for his fractured skull and coma.

"I will not repeat myself! Save me your tears! I will do much worse things to you if you refuse to be honest with me, right now! Rosy Nalan! You wicked, abhorrent bitch! I have lived for so many years and never have I seen a woman as disgusting as you! You are an embarrassment to the Nalan Clan! Why have you become like this? Why have you become so sinister and vicious?"

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