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   Chapter 1404 Neither Well Recognized Nor Respected

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4933

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Rosy took a deep breath before she headed downstairs. Her eyes locked with Linda, as she gave a bright smile.

"Linda, what brings you here? You should have called before you came. If you had, I would have been more prepared."

Linda narrowed her eyes at Rosy.

She knew that Rosy had never spoken to her this kindly before.

"Where's Mamie? Where did you take her?"

Linda asked, going straight to the point.

"Oh... Mamie? I don't know a Mamie. Oh. Is she the woman my brother used to love? Wasn't she being protected somewhere? I don't really know her, you know. I have no idea about where she is."

It was only then that Rosy realized that Linda was here to look for Mamie. Did this mean that Linda still didn't know about the truth of Lenny's death?

"Don't fool me, Rosy. Nobody else would take her away except for you."

"Fool you? You come into my house and insinuate that I'm lying to my guest. Why would you think that I took her away?"

Rosy asked, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

The more that Rosy beat around the bush, the more annoyed that Linda got. Mamie was pregnant and very fragile. Her health, as well as the baby's were at risk if they weren't monitored properly. Even if Mamie could try and endure her pain, the baby certainly wouldn't be able to survive.

"We're not here to play your games, Rosy. Tell us where she is. This is your last chance."

Charles spoke beside Linda. His eyes narrowed at the young woman.


e that killing her father and brother would benefit her.

From Linda's own perspective, no one could ever be as stupid as Rosy. She was the epitome of an embarrassing idiot. She had no place in this world, and all she did was cause chaos!

Realizing that there was no point to talk to her, Linda rolled her eyes and walked with Charles to the door.

However, just as they arrived at the door, another figure stepped out from the other side.

The couple were surprised to see Patricia standing on Rosy's porch.

It had been a long time since Linda saw Patricia last time. She looked at Patricia and noticed that she held two large suitcases with her. There were many servants in sight, but no one helped her with the luggage. Patricia was lugging her bags by herself. Linda noticed the beads of sweat appearing on Patricia's forehead.

Despite being Devin's legal wife, it seemed that Patricia was still neither recognized nor respected in the Nalan Clan as Linda thought.

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