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   Chapter 1399 How Did He Die

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Updated: 2020-02-23 00:16

"Okay, no problem. That's what I'm worried about too anyway. Don't worry. The baby you're carrying is the only child of the Nalan Clan. I will protect you," Linda promised.

"I'm glad to hear that."

Mamie felt relieved upon hearing this. Now that Linda had assured her that she was going to protect her, she had nothing to worry about anymore.

Mamie was afraid that the Nalan Clan wouldn't allow her to live anymore. Lenny's death meant that she had lost the protection from the Nalan Clan. Anyone from the Nalan Clan would think that if she had died or she had lost the baby, it would be the perfect ending.

"Well, if you have anything to take with you, pack it already. You can't fly today since it's already too late. I'll book your flight for tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you rest well tonight. Your flight's going to be around 10 hours."

Even though Mamie had

u doing?" Richard replied with a smile.

"I'm fine too. Grandpa, please take care of yourself. Are you already running out of things to do there?"

Richard smoothed his beard and said, "I'm not bored. I like being alone here."

"Grandpa, Devin has passed away."

Linda mustered up the courage to tell him the news.


Richard echoed in disbelief. Linda sighed helplessly. She didn't have the nerve to tell him the truth from the beginning.

In addition, she also had to tell him that not only was Devin gone but so was Lenny.


"How did he die?"

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