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   Chapter 1381 The Scheme

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3659

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Judging by Patricia's expression, Linda could easily tell that she was worried about her future.

Patricia's marriage to Devin had ended in tragedy.

Right after Devin's death, she had thought she might still have a place in the Nalan Clan if she had Lenny's favor on her side.

However, fate had other plans for her.

Patricia was clear about the fact that Rosy might not accept her like Lenny did.

Besides, Mamie was also involved.

Linda had asked someone to protect Mamie all this time.

After all, her baby was also a descendant of the Nalan Clan.

Although Linda hadn't been on good terms with Lenny, she was close to Richard.

Richard was her grandfather and the one who had saved her life.

Thus, Linda felt obligated to protect the last descendant of the Nalan Clan.

"Where is his body now?" Patricia asked, her voice trembling with each word.

Linda shook her head and replied, "You have been a part of the Nalan Clan for a long time now, so I believe that you have accumulated a fortune. Go away and never come back."

"No, why should I be the one to leave th

re, but once her conscience kicked in she didn't do anything to him. Besides, Bun and I left with her. She couldn't have been there at that time."

"Lenny is dead, and so is Devin. Tell me, who is to gain the most out of their deaths?" Charles reminded Linda.

Linda thought about it for a while and realized that he could be right. The mere possibility of this notion frightened her because it would highlight Rosy's ability to become so good at acting that she managed to fool even Linda.

"No way! Could Rosy be such a bad woman? When I went to see Mamie, she told me that Jessie was the one who had killed Devin. If I'm not mistaken and what you're saying is true, then Jessie and Rosy must have planned everything..."

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