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   Chapter 1380 Patricia's Face Was Pale

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"Not yet." Linda shook her head, her face grim. This was not good news.

"The death of Lenny is so strange. It was the arsenic that ultimately killed him, but how did that happen?" Anna said.

It was what was in the syringe that Rosy had brought.

Linda and Anna left the security room as they discussed it. They didn't want to talk about it in details in front of so many people. Linda had already also asked Anna to call the police. She thought it was needed especially that this was already a murder case and the hospital was involved. There was no issue in her helping investigate. If she didn't call the police, she would be held responsible later.

They arrived at Anna's office.

"My Lady, this is so strange. I really don't think Rosy did this."

Linda also nodded in agreement. "But could someone be targeting Rosy?"

Soon, Bun returned.

"My Lady, I couldn't find Charlotte, the nurse."

"You're looking for

appened before, Rosy would be sure to immediately put the blame on Linda.

But today, she didn't even talk to Linda much less blame her. In fact, she didn't even stay long as she left right away.

After Rosy left, Patricia came over.

When Patricia arrived, her face was pale.

Holding Linda's arm, she asked repeatedly, "Was Lord Lenny really poisoned to death?"

Linda answered Patricia every time she asked, however, it seemed as if Patricia was having a hard time believing it.

Finally, after Linda had answered her for a zillion times, Patricia slumped on the floor, her face pale and her body shaking.

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