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   Chapter 1379 A Security Guard's Girlfriend

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3616

Updated: 2020-02-14 00:02

'Could there be a spy in the hospital?'

Linda wondered to herself.

"Dragon, I need you to double check all the employees here in the hospital. There could be a mole here!" Linda ordered.

Dragon immediately responded by nodding before saying, "Yes, My Lady. I'll check their records right away."

Linda was going to ensure that no stone went unturned.

Whoever did anything to the surveillance video must be someone from the inside. Surely, that person must have left some incriminating evidence.

Linda inhaled loudly. She could smell the strong scent of disinfectant in the monitoring room.

The security and medical staff were two separate entities. Security staff weren't allowed to go near patients, just as medical staff weren't allowed to go inside the monitoring rooms.

However, since this was a private hospital, most of the time, there was barely a single patient to take care of.

That meant someone must have gone to the monitoring room.

Linda asked one of the security guards beside her, "Who has access to this room? Did anyone come here besides m

get to know this girlfriend of yours? What did you do to make her your girlfriend?"

Before the guard could speak, the other spoke for him excitedly.

"Oh, My Lady! You misunderstand. The girl herself confessed her feelings to him! He must have been so lucky in his previous life to get a beautiful girl like her that easily."

As soon as Linda processed his words, a thought bubbled on her mind.

'So she approached him on purpose...'

"Bun, call that nurse here. Tell her that I want to see her," Linda ordered loudly.

Bun nodded. Just as she turned to leave, however, Anna burst through the monitoring room's door.

"My Lady," she began, her voice quivering as she breathed for air. "Any clue now?"

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