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   Chapter 1377 Play The Long Game

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3124

Updated: 2020-02-13 00:02

Linda quickly got in the car.

"Would you mind if we go to my place?" Linda asked.

Rosy nodded calmly.

Bun started the car.

The car moved along the road slowly. They didn't talk in the car. Linda was trying to give Rosy some time to think about how she was going to explain herself.

However, when they were halfway home, Rosy suddenly covered her face with one of her hands and began to cry. Looking at Rosy's trembling shoulders, Linda didn't know what to do. Should she comfort Rosy?

Linda didn't really want to do that.

It was because Rosy had done a lot of things to hurt Linda.

Linda didn't want to show useless compassion for her enemy.

"What? You're scared now so you're crying?" She spoke with sarcasm.

Rosy still didn't raise her head. Trembling more fiercely, she choked. "Linda Xia, shut up!"

"You have only yourself to blame. You hurt your family so you deserve it. You're so pathetic."


anything," Rosy retorted.

Bun turned to Rosy and said, "Rosy Nalan, stop causing trouble, or else I'll knock you out and take you back."

However, Linda gestured for Bun to stop. She then opened the car door. "Bun, let's go. The car is hers anyway."

After Bun and Linda got out of the car, Rosy quickly drove away.

Bun asked in confusion, "My Lady, why did we let Rosy go?"

Linda just laughed and pulled Bun as they walked toward the villa. It was only less than a kilometer away anyway. They could use this time to take a walk and get some exercise.

"Well, we need more patience to play the long game."

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