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   Chapter 1374 Accusations

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Bun studied Rosy's face.

Rosy stood, unmoved as a stone as her biological father lay on the bed. Had the sight of him in this weak state been too much for her? She had not moved since quite a while ago. Despite her seemingly pitiful state, Bun felt not an ounce of sympathy for Rosy. She merely looked at her in silence.

It wasn't the first time that Rosy would dirty her hand with another's blood. She had even tried to kill her own grandfather.

Had Richard not been rescued in time, he would have certainly met his end.

When Richard had been in a vegetative state, Rosy had once instructed someone to carry out the deed for her and murder her grandfather.

She was the sort of people who would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. Bun despised her and her kind. They knew no conscience and were capable of doing the unthinkable.

"My Lady, let's go back and check on Lenny. If anything happens, it might have serious consequences," she said to Linda meaningfully, her eyes betraying the extent of her alarm.

It took Linda only a moment to make up her mind and nod at her suggestion. The relationship between her and Lenny was a rocky one, but a person's life was not something to be taken lightly.

With Linda's approval, Bun immediately went downstairs.

She unceremoniously kicked the door open when she reached

could no longer bear the deafening silence in the room.

"Linda Xia, I didn't want to hurt my father! I didn't do anything," she shouted defensively.

"Oh, really?" Linda took another sip of tea nonchalantly without looking at Rosy.

"It's true! I didn't. Believe me!" Rosy found herself insisting on her innocence under Linda's indecipherable expression.

"Then why did you bring the syringe with you?"

Linda took the syringe brought over by Bun and asked Anna to take a sample of the contents to the lab for testing.

"Come on, Rosy. Are you going to tell me next that it is something to keep your father healthy?" Linda asked again.

"I-It's…" Rosy stammered. "It's something I have kept for myself, for my own protection. On the chance that you might hurt me, I need something to fight back with. He's my biological father. How could you accuse me of wanting to harm him!"

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