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   Chapter 1373 Rosy's Hesitation

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3235

Updated: 2020-02-11 00:02

Rosy had been very conflicted on the way back home.

After all, Lenny was her biological father. It was going to be difficult to kill her own father.

It was easy to say but hard to do. Her brother had died because of her great ambitions and need for a bright future.

If her father died, all of the property owned by her father and brother would be left to Rosy.

'What should I do...'

Not giving it much thought, Rosy changed out of her clothes and put on something with long sleeves. Without missing a beat, she immediately set out for the hospital again.

Linda had been closely watching Rosy who had just gotten back at the hospital after mysteriously leaving earlier.

Earlier, after Rosy had left, Linda went to visit Lenny in his room.

She had secretly installed a camera in Lenny's room before Rosy came back.

Lenny was fine save for the excessive fatigue and stimulation. A couple of tiny blood vessels in his brain had popped, which led t

poisonous arsenic from her bag.

Linda was shocked by what she saw in the monitoring room.

Rosy was too crazy! Her own father was in the ward.

She was going to kill her own father? What the hell was she holding? Linda wasn't sure whether what she was holding was poisonous but she recalled Devin's death.

She broke out in cold sweat.

"My Lady! Ask someone to stop her now. I don't know what's in the syringe. What if it can really kill him? I don't know..."

Anna said.


Linda could see from the screen that Rosy was hesitating. She was already hiding the syringe in her sleeve but she still wasn't doing anything.

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