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   Chapter 1372 It Was Very Hot

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3152

Updated: 2020-02-10 00:12

"Yes, you're right! In fact, there's nothing to argue about between me and Lenny. Besides, Devin's dead. We should respect the dead."

When Linda had finished speaking, the security guard came rushing toward her. "My Lady, the woman who came earlier is here again. She said she wants to see her father."

"Get rid of her."

Linda wasn't really in the mood to see Rosy as she was sure to be irritated the minute she did.

"My Lady, the woman seemed nicer this time..."

the security guard said rather hesitantly.

'She was nice?' Linda found this hard to believe.

If Rosy had been nice to the security guards then maybe Linda would have more patience for her.

"All right. Let her in," Linda said to the security guard.

The security guard left in an instant.

Linda turned to Bun who stood behind her. "Bun, you can let Rosy come inside to see her father if she behaves. If not, throw her out."

Bun rubbed her hands excit

wake by that time...

Lenny was her father. He always loved her.

She couldn't bear to hurt her father especially if he was awake. For a long time, she just sat by the door, hesitating and unsure what to do.

She could even imagine how frightened Lenny would be when he saw her taking out the syringe.

Rosy left the hospital in a hurry which Linda saw. She wondered why Rosy would leave all of a sudden.

Rosy had gone home to change into something with long sleeves.

When she arrived at the hospital again, Linda couldn't help but notice that Rosy had changed into something that wasn't fit for the hot weather.

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