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   Chapter 1371 Have The Two Of You Reconciled

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Rosy had practiced for a while, but she still didn't know how to talk to Linda politely.

She had never been polite to Linda, nor had she pleaded with her.

Her hands closed around the bottle of arsenic trioxide in her pocket. It was the one Jessie had given her, along with another small bottle of anesthetic.

Rosy opened the anesthetic bottle and poured it into a container. Then, she mixed the anesthetic with some arsenic trioxide, stirring the contents. Afterwards, she took the syringe and filled it with about ten milliliters of the solution.

"Linda Xia, you don't know who you're dealing with. Keep provoking me and you're as good as dead!" she muttered angrily.

As she spoke, the image of Linda came to her—her hands closing around her throat as she staggered, her mouth gaping wordlessly until she finally crumpled into a lifeless body. Satisfaction filled Rosy at the conjured images.

A twisted sense of excitement rose up in her as she replayed the scenario in her head. Then, she picked up her bag and went out.

In her thrill, she had forgotten Jessie's instruction to wear a long-sleeve shirt to cover her arm. Otherwise, injecting the drug to Lenny on the sly would be difficult.

She arrived at the gate of the hospital again.

The security

inda was talking to Anna at the door of the ward.

"My Lady, Lenny is in good health. It's nothing serious. Perhaps he has overworked himself. The stress must have caught up with him."

"Devin is dead."

At once, Anna was taken aback by Linda's words.

"What? Is this true? My Lady, why did Devin die? Did you kill him?" The words were out before Anna could think and she raised a hand to her mouth.

Linda felt a mixture of anger and amusement at the girl's reaction. Patting Anna on the shoulder, she said, "Do you think I'm a murderer? It would be a crime to kill. It seemed that Jessie had something to do with Devin's death. We tried to investigate it, but the next thing we knew, Lenny had fallen into a coma at my house... "

Anna sucked in her breath as her surprise intensified. "Oh, my gosh... Have the two of you reconciled? "

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