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   Chapter 1369 No Reason

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3600

Updated: 2020-02-09 00:02

Rosy was onto Jessie. She was starting to see the pattern.

She hadn't hesitated to hurt her grandfather back then because she had no love for him. Rosy, however, loved her father Lenny.

He was different. Although she didn't know how he would distribute the family wealth, her father had always treated her like a princess ever since she was a little girl.

This was why Rosy felt a little conflicted.

Hearing no reply from the other end of the phone, Jessie continued, "Rosy. Don't hesitate. We'll go to the hospital again. But this time, you have to go easy on Linda. You need to get through her to get close to your father."

Only an accidental death could prove Rosy's innocence.

Since Lenny had fainted at the Mu Clan's villa, and was subsequently led to their private hospital, they had to worsen his condition. He had to die there. That way, Linda would be easily responsible for Lenny's death.

"Okay. Okay, fine."

The mere thought of begging Linda to let her in left a sickening feeling at Rosy's stomach. She would then have to admit that she lost to

hought that she wouldn't live a good life, while Linda was alive to ruin it.

But Rosy never thought that it was unnecessary for Linda to fight her.

Linda was already the Lady of the Mu Clan, and the legitimate daughter of the Xia Clan!

Rosy was hardly on Linda's level.

"Easy for you to say. Have you forgotten what Linda Xia has done to me? I'm still suffering because of it! How do you think I can let go that quickly!" Rosy screamed, unable to hide her deepest inhibitions as well.

Jessie had to stop herself from saying that Rosy deserved it.

She sighed heavily.

Since she had agreed to help Rosy, she had to stop interfering so much. It was unnecessary to do so, anyway. There was no point.

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