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   Chapter 1367 Killing Intent

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"He's having his general check-up. I don't know much else about what's going on," Linda said.

"Rosy is Lord Lenny's daughter. You have to remember that. It's only normal for her to worry about him. Can't you just let us wait inside the hospital?" Jessie asked calmly.

Jessie was exceptionally good at covering her tracks. She had quickly undermined the fact that Rosy had just practically harassed her way through the Mu Clan's private hospital. Rosy obviously didn't look worried about her father when she decided to hurt the security guard by kicking his shin just now. Rosy was just so arrogant and condescending.

Linda, however, didn't have the time nor energy for this. She didn't want to argue with Rosy any longer.

"Just watch your mouth. While he's here, I'm in charge. If you don't behave yourself, I won't let you see your father," Linda threatened Rosy.

"You fucking bitch!" Rosy yelled. She was absolutely furious. The moment she saw Linda, her temper was at its boiling point, but after hearing what Linda was threatening her with, she really wanted to beat Linda up.

"What were you saying? You want to repeat that?"

Linda looked over at Rosy with a pit

those who endure can win in the end. You just lost your brother, Rosy. You're the Nalan Clan's successor, its future leader, and everything will be yours soon enough. What you have to do now is concentrate. You're still not off the hook. You have to cover your tracks so that no one will suspect you of your brother's death. Do you understand?"

"My brother..."

Rosy whispered. The sudden memory of her brother seemed to calm her down. It was still difficult for her to accept that Devin had died.

Jessie and Rosy had plotted to send women to control Devin, but unfortunately, both of them had fallen in love with him. Patricia was the first woman they had sent, and then Mamie came soon after her.

Therefore, under Jessie's guidance, Rosy had started to have a killing intent.

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