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   Chapter 1365 Act Wildly

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4411

Updated: 2020-02-07 00:02

"My Lady! What's wrong?" Bun yelled back, pulling the door wide open.

"Lenny! He fainted. Call for a car, please! We have to take him to the hospital!" Linda said, eyebrows knitted together in worry.

Bun was taken aback when she saw Lenny's unmoving presence on the floor. She yelled for a servant to help her carry Lenny to the car.

As soon as they got him in, they sped to the Mu Clan's private hospital.

As they rushed their way to the hospital, Linda called Anna over the phone.

It was only good that Anna still happened to be in the hospital. She was just about to get out of her shift. As she wore her scrubs back on, she waited anxiously for their car to arrive by the emergency bay.

As she waited, she suddenly realized who the person Linda was bringing. What was Lenny doing at the Mu Clan's villa?

'Have they finally made up?' she asked herself.

It took around 20 minutes before they finally reached the hospital. Linda had called Anna as they arrived, relieved that she had been waiting. "Please, check him now."

As Linda ordered the servants to carry Lenny out, Anna shouted for everyone to hear, "Wait! Don't move. Let the paramedics carry him."

Lenny was an old man, so it wasn't unlikely that he might have been carrying several physical ailments already. If it were a stroke, o

his wounded limb from sheer pain.

"Holy fuck. She is really rude!" Linda looked away from the videos. She couldn't watch anymore. She slammed the door open and made her way towards the gate to confront Rosy personally.

On the way to the gate, Linda yelled at Bun, "Teach her a damn lesson on manners once I'm through with her! Get her the hell out of here. She dare step in this hospital like she owns it? This bitch will get a taste of me, I swear by it."

"Understood, My Lady!" Bun answered quickly, eyes sparkling at Linda's fiery threat.

She had already wanted to beat Rosy up a long time ago.

As soon as they arrived at the gate, Rosy saw Linda walking over to her. She immediately glared at Linda and made a move to stretch her foot out again. Linda, however, was quicker. She twisted the dragon ring with her thumb and a marble flew right into Rosy's area.

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