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   Chapter 1362 Why Did That Happen

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3110

Updated: 2020-02-05 00:12

"How do you know Jessie?" Linda asked.

"Actually, Jessie was the one who ordered me to get close to Devin. I had a lot of debt that time. Jessie offered me a sum of money in exchange for seducing Devin," Mamie replied.

Linda was surprised to hear this.

'What did Jessie and Rosy want to do?' she thought.

If Linda wasn't mistaken, Jessie and Rosy had planned for Patricia to be with Devin.

What in the world were Jessie and Rosy planning? Why would they keep sending different women over to Devin?

It was obvious that they'd initially tried to help Patricia marry into the Nalan Clan.

Why did they hire Mamie then?

Linda wanted to know more before making her judgment, so she said, "Please go on."

"I don't know what to do, My Lady. I just wanted to get my money and run away. I didn't expect I had fallen in love with Devin. Did you know that? Devin was good to me. He doesn't act like he's a rich kid bo

tiful love story with Devin. Unfortunately, they didn't have a happy ending.

All the animals especially the lions in the zoo had been domesticated since they were born. There was no way a lion would bite anyone. Besides, what was Devin doing on stage in the first place?

Generally speaking, circuses never invited tourists to come on stage. There was a good chance that the animals might get scared because of the new humans.

Devin was from a noble clan. It was highly doubtful that the staff of the zoo would be so careless as to allow Devin on stage in the presence of an animal who could possibly run wild.

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