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   Chapter 1361 Wouldn't Be Sympathetic

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 2988

Updated: 2020-02-05 00:02

Mamie was a little disappointed. She thought that she could get a little more help than that from Linda.

After all, Linda was the Lady of the Mu Clan. Mamie thought that if Linda took pity on her and offered her a little help, she could take her child abroad and live a comfortable life there.

Linda could see the disappointment in her eyes. She wondered why.

What's wrong? Did Mamie think that Linda would give her money?

How naive she was!

Linda decided she wasn't going to be sympathetic anymore.

No one got anything for free ever. Mamie would be no exception to this.

A mother should know how to fend for herself and her child.

"Are you disappointed?" Linda asked.

"Of course, I'm disappointed. If I take my kid to a place far away and go somewhere they won't find me... how would I raise that child?"

"That's your problem. All I can do is to help you keep your

her mind. If Linda found out she was lying again, she wouldn't have anyone else to rely on.

"It's Jessie. Devin's death had something to do with Jessie..."

Jessie Luo.

Linda hadn't heard this name in a while.

Jessie had always spelled trouble and she was clever enough to hide it.

Jessie was loyal to Rosy. She did anything for her. She was almost like an advisor to Rosy. However, there was something about her that seemed off.

"Go on!"

"That day, Jessie called me and told me to take Devin to the zoo..."

"Wait... Jessie asked you to take Devin to the zoo?"


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