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   Chapter 1356 Uncle

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Lenny grew silent.

He glanced at Linda, wondering why she would help him.

Lenny and Linda had been fighting each other for so long. They were like fire and water.

"Why would you help me?" Lenny still wanted to know the reason.

"I'm not helping you!" Linda smiled and stared at Lenny with her bright eyes.

"What do you mean?" Lenny couldn't understand what Linda meant.

"If it had been you in an accident, I wouldn't have come even if I could. What did you ever do to me, anyway? You probably know that, right?"

Linda said with a smile. Lenny's face became gloomy. "Linda! Watch your language!"

"But Devin has never done anything bad to me so I'm willing to help him."

Linda made up an excuse.

In reality, she just wanted to find out the truth.

It wouldn't be a big deal if Linda helped Lenny look into this.

"If you can really help me find out the real cause of my son's death, I will be grateful!"

"You don't have t

eady knew that Mamie's here?"

Linda turned to look at Lenny and shook her head helplessly. "You're already old, why do you still have a bad temper? You're always questioning people. You already asked me like four or five times today. What do you think I mean? I just asked you so I could confirm. Is there anything wrong with that?"

Linda didn't want to talk to Lenny any longer so she turned around and headed to the door.

She rang the doorbell.

Mamie was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. She was shocked when she heard the doorbell.

When she saw Linda's face via the electronic monitor, her heart skipped a beat.

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