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   Chapter 1353 Little Babies

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Helen sobbed as she spoke. Linda's pity only grew after she heard this.

Linda was already a mother and she very much enjoyed raising her children. She was also fond of other kids. She didn't even want to imagine what it was like for Helen to be a mother of two 1-year-old kids without a father.

"It's okay. You can keep the babies here as long as you want, but you have to promise that it won't affect your work. Do you understand?"

Linda agreed.

Helen was extremely happy.

Although she had been working here for many years, she had never talked to Linda. Before this, she had thought that Linda was difficult to get along with. She didn't expect Linda to be so nice. She expressed her gratitude. "Thanks a lot, My Lady. I will work harder in the future."

"Okay. Where do you live now? After divorce, who's going to get the house?"

At the mention of this, Helen felt like crying again.

"I was an orphan so I didn't have any property. When I married my ex-hu

med that Helen's record was clean.

That afternoon, Linda saw Helen taking her twins to greet her. She walked over them and her heart instantly melted.

Helen's babies were twins—a girl and a boy.

"My Lady, these are my kids. The younger one is the boy and the older one is the girl."

It was opposite of Little Tomato and Little Potato as the boy was the older one while the girl was the younger one.

Helen's kids were an older girl and a younger boy.

"Come on, babies. This is Lady Linda."

Helen gently pulled her kids' hands.

"They're still so young. They don't have to call me Lady. They can just call me Auntie from now on."

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