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   Chapter 1351 Her Way Of Defending Herself

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3318

Updated: 2020-01-31 00:02

After this, Linda didn't say anything anymore. She just drummed her fingers on the stone table.

Patricia grew upset.

She eyed Linda who was seemingly staring blankly ahead.

"You don't believe me?" Patricia asked.

"Do you think I have any reason to believe you?"

"Of course, I think you should trust me. Why would I lie to you?"

Linda smiled and said, "How would I know?"

"Okay, you wouldn't know but why would I do that in the first place?"

This girl was quite eloquent. Linda figured she wasn't going to win an argument against such a person, so she didn't press further.

"Linda, I went with father to the hospital today so I'm pretty tired. I need to go back and rest. Would you mind if I excuse myself?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Linda just let Patricia be. She just went along with her act.

However, that didn't mean that Linda already believed Patricia's explanation.

As soon as Patricia left Linda's garden, she broke out into cold sweat.

She slowly made

ed up killing Patricia then that e-mail wouldn't even exist.

According to Patricia, the things in the cabinet were just some photos. If that was true, why didn't she just attach those photos to the e-mail?

This could only mean that Patricia had sent something to Linda that couldn't be sent online otherwise.

It had been over half an hour and Linda still couldn't figure it out.

She also wanted to know how Devin really died.

Patricia and Devin weren't exactly on good terms then and Patricia was claiming that Devin had already wanted her dead then. Could Patricia have something to do with Devin's death? Was that her way of defending herself?

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