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   Chapter 1350 Things Are Definitely Not That Simple

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3212

Updated: 2020-01-30 00:12

Patricia didn't even want to think what would happen.

This time, Linda personally went to the Nalan Clan's residence just to see her which Patricia didn't expect at all.

She had no choice but to face Linda since she was already here. Otherwise, if she had a choice, she wouldn't be doing this.

Linda stayed at the Nalan Clan's house for a while.

She just wanted to wait for Patricia to come back.

As soon as Patricia returned, she went to see Linda.

She hadn't figured out a good excuse yet but she couldn't wait any longer. She couldn't let Linda find out that something was up.

The only thing she could do now was play along.

When the servant told Linda that Patricia had come to see her, she was surprised. This was the last thing she expected of Patricia. She figured Patricia would only show herself if Linda initiated something.

"How are you, Linda?"

Patricia asked as soon as she came into Linda's garden.

Linda was sitting

I can see it?"

"Nothing. I was just angry with Devin and that woman. You know that after we got married, he had an affair with Mamie. I was so upset that I asked someone to spy on them and take photos..."

"I see."

It sounded reasonable.

Patricia continued, "You know I'm helpless on my own. I only sent those photos to you so I could expose him. I just didn't expect that Devin would die. Anyway, I don't really want to talk bad about a dead person. After all, I loved him."


Patricia's explanation was acceptable but Linda couldn't shake off the feeling that things weren't as simple as Patricia was putting it.

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