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   Chapter 1348 I Will Explain To You Later

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3022

Updated: 2020-01-29 00:12

Linda couldn't help but be amused at Lenny.

'This is so interesting. I haven't seen you in days yet it seems like nothing's changed, ' she thought to herself.


She was afraid that he was wrong to use that word.

Lenny had the nerve to take Richard's instruction as an excuse to blame her. It was almost as if he'd forgotten that his daughter had almost killed his father before.

More so, she'd even tried to frame it on someone else.

Rosy had tried to blame it on Linda who was thus crucified on media.

It was pretty obvious now but even as Richard had already woken up, he was too kind to wish any punishment on his own granddaughter.

Linda had no choice but to bury the issue despite being reluctant to.

How could Rosy have done that all on her own? Linda knew that Lenny was probably involved in it somehow. That was the only reason why it could have been hidden so well.

lose as Linda was always quite the debater.

"Patricia, would you mind buying me a cup of coffee?" Linda asked nicely as she looked at Patricia.

Her emotions were written on her eyes and this made Patricia restless.

Patricia tried to calm herself down and smiled as she responded, "Sure, but would you mind waiting, Linda? I have to go to the hospital with father first. He isn't feeling well."

Lenny didn't even know that Linda and Patricia were already getting along. He shot Patricia a confused look to which she responded with a reassuring one.

"Father, I'll explain to you later."

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