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   Chapter 1346 Connections

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Updated: 2020-01-28 00:12

Linda's face darkened as she thought of the whole matter with the email.

At once, she could think of nothing but that matter. Just what was Patricia up to?

Charles quickly noticed the shift in his wife's demeanor. "Honey, don't worry," he said comfortingly.

"It's probably nothing. You heard what one of my men said. Patricia is far from dead. "

"But don't you think that this is so strange? Why was the email sent in Patricia's name instead of Jessie's or Rosy's? I checked it just now. The email address used by the sender was one that has been used since a long time ago. It's not newly registered. How could the sender have access to that?"

Charles grew thoughtful at her words.

"When was the email address registered?" he asked.

"The email address was registered in 2011, so by now it has been used for more or less eight years."

Once again, they found themselves stuck without any other clue. Waiting for Paul would be their best bet for now.

After what seemed to be a long hour, Paul finally came back.

"Young Master, I went to check on it myself. However, the password seemed to have been changed. Moreover, it looked as if someone had taken away something from inside about two hours ago," said Paul.


it could be a huge pain in the ass.

Right now, he was more worried about Linda.

"Young Master, please go ahead with your business." This time, it was Bun. "I will go with Lady Linda and Paul. Leave it to us. Everything will be fine,"

she said with a smile.

At the next moment, she ran out again after the mischievous Dury.

With the three of them against him, Charles knew it was his defeat.

"Alright," he sighed.

He was still anxious about leaving Linda, but she met his gaze with calm eyes. It soothed his worries like a cool balm over a burn. He knew that she would protect herself from danger. She could take care of herself. Besides, Paul, one of his trusted men, was with her.

Before he left, his eyes lingered on Linda for long moments, as if he were afraid that she would vanish from his sight.

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