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   Chapter 1345 A Mysterious Email

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4481

Updated: 2020-01-28 00:02

The vigorous activity seemed to have calmed the boy down. Linda fed him patiently, and he obediently opened his mouth to the spoon in her hand.

Bun couldn't believe her eyes. Dury was perfectly well-behaved in front of Linda. It was as if he was a different boy from the one who had been running around just earlier. 'Look at him. Why is he so obedient now? I am his mother and he doesn't listen to me, but Linda managed to control him so well, ' Bun thought, one part of her amazed while the other part sulked a little inwardly at her obvious defeat.

After dinner, Linda took out her phone.

She had 21 new emails in her inbox, and out of habit, she checked them one by one.

Most of them were spam or promotions, but Linda had a natural propensity for order. People around her often referred to her as a control freak in jest, but the joke had a ring of truth to it. The sight of several unread emails always made her feel bothered.

Twenty of them were advertisements and Linda randomly deleted them, a sense of satisfaction filling her as she saw the unread emails disappear one by one.

Then she turned to the next page.

The subject line immediately caught her attention. "Linda Xia, you must read this email," it read. It piqued her curiosity in an instant.

Despite having her name, a part of her was skeptical of its

Young Master," Paul answered, immediately getting to work.

In less than ten minutes, a report came from WSS.

"Young Master, I have confirmed that Patricia is in the Nalan Clan's house at present. She is alive and safe," Paul reported.

This was all too strange. What sort of joke was this?

The email was too serious to be a prank.

A tense silence enveloped the room.

Everyone tried to decipher the situation and what the message meant.

Then, Charles said decisively, "Find the address and use the code. Tell one of my men to check what's inside the cabinet."

His senses prickled from the threat of possible danger. He didn't want Linda to be involved in any of these things, for fear that she would be hurt again. There was no way he was letting that happen if he could help it.

Whatever Patricia had put inside the storage unit couldn't possibly be anything good.

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