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   Chapter 1344 Bun's Son

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Updated: 2020-01-27 00:12

The call was cut short when Jessie hung up the phone without another word.

The silence that ensued had Mamie's heart hammering inside her chest.

She was frightened. What did Jessie's action mean?

She gazed anxiously towards the peach forest once again as her hand cradled her belly. She could only hope that what Annie had told her about the guards was true, and that they would be enough to protect her and her child.

Mamie took deep breaths, thinking of her next course of action. There was still Lenny. If Jessie intended to keep being stubborn and make things difficult for her, she would reveal everything she knew to him. The worst that could happen was the two of them ruining each other.

The thought relaxed her nerves a little. Now that her fear was gone, she recognized her own hunger. It was time to get something to eat.

She should take care of herself.

It was for her child's sake as well.

Mamie knew perfectly well that Lenny was treating her this way only because of the baby inside her. If she gave birth to a son, he would grant her a great blessing. Sons were held in high regard within the Nalan Clan.

It would be a different matter altogether if she had a daughter instead. Her status would be very low, but for now, none of that m

ehaved himself. But soon enough he grew more and more comfortable, running around and playing all kinds of games in the courtyard to his mother's very evident distress.

The boy was indeed a riotous one.

Even Charles had commented that Bun's son, Dury, was as naughty as Brian when he was a kid. Brian had received a generous amount of beatings from his parents due to his antics.

He was also a child of a wealthy family.

But discipline had to be taught, by words or by the rod.

After all, he had come from a military upbringing.

"He is fine. Don't worry. Children are naturally energetic. It's better for him to run around rather than be dull. Just bring him here so he can eat something. I'm sure all that running has made him hungry."

Linda looked at Dury and took two napkins, helping him wipe off the sweat on his forehead.

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