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   Chapter 1342 Security

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Annie sensed Mamie's dreary mood and comforted her thoughtfully. "Miss Chen, don't be upset. This is a good place to live. His Lordship said that the air in the city is bad, but here the air is clean and fresh .You are the lady of this house. Isn't that good?"

Mamie's spirits rose upon hearing her words.

But it was at this moment that the thought of Devin came to her without warning. At once, her eyes turned red as tears gathered.

If only Devin were here.

He would be by her side when she went to the prenatal checkups. He would hold her hand as she gave birth to their child. Mamie had dreamed of watching him as he held their baby in his arms, his eyes tender as he gazed down at the fruit of their love.

But all that was gone now and had been taken away from her without mercy.

It was all Jessie's fault. She had killed him.

Once, Devin had told her when they were at home that he had liked Jessie.

He had also told her everything that happened between him and Patricia.

Mamie knew very well about the history between them.

"Miss Chen, the wind is getting colder. It would be better for you to go inside now. You might catch a cold if you stay here longer," Annie said.

"Yes." Mamie nodded and let Annie lead her inside.

The villa was placed at the center of a large cou

irs and have a rest first? I will ask somebody to prepare the room for you. Look, you are so pale. It would do you good to take a break. If you have any problems, you can tell me."

Annie placed her hands on Mamie's shoulders and was about to lead her downstairs when Mamie stopped her.


she called in a strained voice.

"What is it? What's the matter, Miss Chen?"

"Do you think…" Mamie started. "What if someone finds this villa and wants to hurt me? Do you think Lord Lenny will protect me?" Her eyes were pleading as she asked.

"Yes, he will!" Annie assured her.

"Don't worry, Miss Chen. The villa is secure. All around it are equipped with security facilities. Come over."

Gently leading her, Annie continued, "There are twenty security guards stationed here. All of them are foreigners, and they are all under Lord Lenny's employment."

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