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   Chapter 1341 A Place For Nurturing

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4868

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Mamie was frightened, but then she managed to calm down.

She understood that whatever this was, it wasn't going to last forever. She only planned to stay for a short while. Mamie had planned to go abroad and start a new life later. There, she wouldn't have to dwell with people like them.

"I'll be arranging a place for you now. I hope you enjoy your stay. It'll be good for you and your baby." A small pause later, Lenny looked up straight into Mamie's eyes. "Just ask me for whatever you need."

"Thank you."

It didn't occur to Mamie that Lenny would easily be available for her service. To be frank, it baffled her. Once he finalized the details, he left the study quietly.

A few minutes later, a person knocked. The door was opened and a young woman popped her head in before entering. "Miss, His Lordship sent me to take care of you from now on. You can call me Annie."

The woman looked young, maybe around twenty-five years old.

"Oh, okay then. Thank you."

"Please come with me, Miss."

Mamie complied, following after Annie. As soon as she passed by the courtyard, however, she ran into someone she just loathed to see.

It was Patricia!

Mamie lowered her head slowly. She didn't really feel like confronting Patricia's wrath any time soon. It seemed, however, that she was too late.

"Mamie Chen!" A roaring yell rang from the other side of the courtyard. "You fucking home wrecker!" Patricia had practically strode acro

amie said quietly.

"It is no trouble, Miss Chen. I was only doing what I was ordered to do. His Lordship told me about this... Lady Patricia, and she is rather... disruptive. I was told to help you and that I should contact him whenever it should be deemed necessary. His Lordship cares about you very much," Anna responded, gently, looking into Mamie's eyes with mirth.

Mamie couldn't stop the delight she was beginning to feel, nestling in her heart. 'Really? He cares about me? Hmm. Maybe he just cares about my baby.'

The car ran at a considerably fast rate, and it took more than an hour before it came to a halt. Mamie had almost fallen asleep from the soft lull of the car.

"Miss, we're here."

Mamie quietly opened her car door and looked around. It looked like she was in the suburbs of the city. It was almost an hour away from the Nalan Clan's house.

Mamie was a bit unhappy. Lenny had found such a remote place for her to nourish her child.

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