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   Chapter 1337 Raise The Baby

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 3887

Updated: 2020-01-24 00:02

Lenny blanched and trembled with fear as if he was faced with something beyond his reckoning.

His dear son was dead.

Lenny sat there quietly for ten minutes, still struggling to come to terms with the harsh truth.

"Father, you haven't eaten anything for a day. Let me take you to eat something first."

Patricia stood behind Lenny and grabbed his hand.

"I'm not hungry. You go ahead." Lenny waved his hand at her.

"You have reached a certain age where you shouldn't be skipping meals. Please, try to understand. We can't change what has happened. We have no choice but to face it. I think we should find out who is behind all of this. None of it makes sense to me. Why would a lion have attacked Devin all of a sudden?"

Lenny gaped at her, staring in stunned disbelief.

Lenny had already arranged someone to investigate what had happened because he didn't believe that something like that would happen by chance. Although the reports said that Devin had been mauled to death by a lion at the zoo, Lenny felt doubtful about the fact.

It was very unlikely that the animals which had been tamed would act out like that, unless there was an ext

don't want to see Mamie before she gives birth because I don't want her to be too emotional. Please see to it that everything is arranged for her accordingly and find someone to take care of her..."

Lenny understood what Patricia meant, so he nodded in response.

With that, Patricia bid Lenny farewell and aptly left the room.

After Patricia went back to her room, she shut the door and heaved a deep sigh of relief as if she had been dying to let it out for a long time. Finally, Devin was dead and there was no one left to stand in the way of her ambitions.

When she thought about the 60 million dollars in her Swiss Bank account, emotions surged up and her heart raced. Her face conveyed an arresting spectrum of mixed feelings that had welled up inside her.

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